The Zee Schouw

Zee Schouw
Version 1.50
By: Rene Underby
Congratulations on owning the ReneMarine Zee Schouw. 

Fishing on the Zuiderzee (name means "southern sea" in Dutch) was the original intent of this nimble and versatile boat. The Zee Schouw is used for fishing and as a sailing barge. The shallow depth of the Zuiderzee led to the development of flat and round bottom boats with no keel. The Zee Schouw arose at the beginning of the twentieth century and essentially is a pontoon boat. Since there is no keel the Leeboards ensure that the vessel does not drift with the wind. The Zee Schouw today are built as yachts and loved for their relatively large space and stability.

I've tried to make the Zee Schouw  look as realistic as possible with an under 32 Prim budget. If you have ever sailed before, operation of the Zee Schouw should be a piece of cake.  If you are new to sailing, then I suggest you find a really big body of water and just play around until you get the hang of it.  I hope my notes make it easier to learn.  Please IM me (Rene Underby) in game if you have problems or have found a bug.

New for Version 1.3
* Articulated Leeboards
* Digital HUD
New for Version 1.50
* New Cuddle Pose Added
* Multiple Drivers. As long as the owner is seated on the boat.
* Clear seating path. The seats are not obstructed by the sails.
* BowMaiden figurehead seat
* Wearable Mounted Console (Bulkhead or Stern)
* Wind Setters are recognized and displayed
* Many other improvements and adjustments to increase the reality and enhance your enjoyment of your sailing experience!
Please note:
* The knots command and the dry command are obselete and have been disabled
* If you engage the engine, You must press the fifth button to MOOR the boat before raising the sails

You must be seated in the captain seat before you can operate the boat.  Right-click on any part of the Main Mast or the Boom  and choose "Sit."    If you unsit at any time, the boat will reset and become non-physical until you start it again.  When you are ready to begin sailing, say "raise" to raise the mainsail or Press the Left most button on the ReneMarineHUD.
To lower the sails and coast press the Second Button. (type command "lower")
To engage the AutoTrim press the third button (type command "autotrim")
To engage the engine press the fourth button and use the up/down arrows as the throttle (type command "motor").
(In version 1.50 If you engage the engine, You must press the fifth button to MOOR the boat before you can raise the sails again.)
(type command "moor")
NEW for version 1.50 Multiple Drivers. As long as the owner is seated on the boat, any of the other two passengers can operate the controls by being seated on the right side helm!

Everyone has their preference for camera angles. This boat features the ability to change that camera angle. The default camera position is above and behind the boat, and may be the easiest point-of-view for beginners.  Once seated, you may need to hit "Esc" to go the default view. To change the default camera position in your boat you first must be parked in a Build area where your boat will not be returned to your inventory. Then you must perform the following steps:
a) Be seated From the seated position at the captains chair as instructed.
b) Set your desired camera angle.
c) type the letter 'c' into the Local Chat and press enter.
    The boat will respond as follows:
    [15:34]  Motor Schouw 0.75: camera Set
    [15:34]  Motor Schouw 0.75: Ready.
d) Stand up by pressing the Stand Up button.
e) Sit back down and press escape to see your new camera angle.

This boat features a couples cuddle pose engine with 29 intimate poses. Just click on the front deck to activate the cuddle menu. The Cuddle Pose engine does function while the boat is moving. But the SIM Borders will cause unpredicability of the pose positioning. If the second person sits on the pose and it doesnt look right. Try pushing the pose button again to fix it.
New for version 1.50 in the cuddle pose the intimate "LayBack" pose. Try it in a peaceful cove with your favorite partner and discover a new level of closeness.

------- SEATING
This boat limits the number of AV's that can be seated while moving to THREE. However, the boat also features Five seats while moored.
NEW for Version 1.50 Features a clear seating path. The seats are not obstructed by the sails. So you can easily reach the seats as described below.
* you can sit on the tiller or the rudder and sit to the left of the tiller on the seat next to the helmsman.
* If you sit on the bulkhead behind the cabin you will set on the left bench leaning against the bulkhead.
* You can sit in the cockpit and you will set on the right bench leaning back on the side. 
* If you sit on either of the three sides of the cabin you will be seated at the front of the cabin with the perfect view to the horizon.
NEW for version 1.50 There's also a fun seat on the bowsprit (the Mast that sticks out of the front of the boat) to set yourself chained to the bowsprit as the figurehead. (Dont crash your BowMaiden into the dock!)

------- COMMANDS
The commands can be entered into Local Chat.
* Raise - Raise the sails
* Lower - Lowers the sails
* Moor - Lowers the sails and park the boat
* Autotrim - Toggles Automatic Sail Adjustment
* Motor - Diesel Motor Power
* Practice - Toggles Practice Wind On/Off
* Dry - (obselete no longer functional)
* c - Sets Camera Angle
* notecard - sends user this notecard
* hud - sends user the sailing HUD
* knots - (obselete no longer functional m/s only)
* Up/Down arrows when motoring increase/decrease the throttle. W
   When sailing it increase/decrease the sheet angle.
The leeboards on the Zee Schouw are designed to prevent the boat from drifting into the wind while moving forward. The Leeboards can be manually operated individually when you touch the leeboard it toggles from Retracted to deployed. New for version 1.3, when the Autotrim is engaged they deploy automatically to the leeward into the water).

------- HUDS
The HUDS (Heads Up Display) (updated for version 1.3)
The HUD reads like a Compass however the needle indicates the direction from which the wind is coming. This is the Apparent Wind direction. You typically want to keep the wind into your sails. The Autotrim helps with this. The New for version 1.3 HUD features Digital Wind Speed indicator that is displayed just below the Apparent Wind direction needle. To the upper right is the Digital Boat Speed in meters per sec. And to the lower right is the boat Heading.

The buttons from the left to the right are as follows:
Hide Hud -
The Little Red button hides the HUD display completely.
The little red button remains there.
Push it again and the HUD reappears.
- This button Raises the Sails
- This button Lowers the Sails and allows the boat to coast on inertia
- This button toggles on/off the AutoTrim function that automatically adjusts the sail angle.
- This button toggles on/off the Diesel Motor.
- If you power up the motor, you have to Moor the boat before you can raise the sails.
- This button Lowers the sails (except in Dry mode) turns off the motor and parks the boat in place.

-------- DRY
the 'Dry' mode is a display of the sails that sets them to not catch the wind. If you set Dry mode to 'on' then the sails will remain deployed even while moored. If you set the Dry mode Off then when you moor or 'lower' the sails will disappear.

A note about SIM Borders. Most Sailing simulator regions cover multiple SIMs. The SIM crossings are difficult at best and occasionally disasterous. This boat is under 32 Prims so the boat handoff is typically fairly smooth when the border is smoothly crossed. SIM Crossings can be more difficult the more prims you're pushing to the new area. When crossing any sim border the results are typically unpredictable. That being said, it is best to make use of your MiniMap to identify the upcoming SIM crossings. If you're going to cross a SIM border it's best to hit that border head on perpendicular and not at an angle so that you dont confuse the next sim during the handoff. It's best not to be turning while crossing a sim border because the handoff will send you spinning.

------- SAILING
There are many sailing sims and instructions for Sailing in the SL universe. It is encouraged that you take advantage of the many resources available to help you. In the mean time it doesnt hurt to go exploring around with the motor running.
NEW in version 1.50 Wind Setters are recognized and displayed. So if there are race winds available in your SIM your boat will take advantage of them.
NEW in version 1.50 more realistic wind responses, the speed has been adjusted so that if the wind is coming from behind you the boat will move faster than if you are sailing into the wind.

The prims in this vessle are all linked, the poseballs to. This means thet when you want to adjust the poses you will have to select them with "Edit linked prims " checked. Go to options and click the Adjust pos button. You can  now move the poseballs but the avatars will not move until you click the Save pos button.