The Schooner Meteor

The Schooner Meteor

Royal Huisman's 52m gaff rigged schooner Meteor

ReneMarine Presents a Hand Crafted Representation of the Schooner Meteor for your sailing pleasure. The ReneMarine Schooner Meteor is designed to live on with a minimum number of prims. The Royal Huisman launch, combines the classic lines of the Gloucester schooner with 21st century sail and rig technology, and turns heads in Valencia and Palma.

Meteor was launched in May 2007. The owners had set a demanding brief for the yard and for naval architects Gerard Dijkstra and Partners in collaboration with John G. Alden. Meteor was to reflect their admiration for the classic lines and rugged seaworthiness of the Gloucester schooner whilst also fulfilling their high performance expectations as keen racing sailors. To this end, the naval architects maintained the tradition of a full keel underbody to ensure a sea-kindly motion, complemented above the waterline by graceful sheer and a fine clipper bow and bowsprit. The tall schooner rig and sailplan, whilst also traditional in appearance, tells another story. Rondal Carbon spars with carbon standing rigging by Southern composites, high-performance sails from North and a functional ergonomic deck layout refer more to contemporary race technology than to 19th century practice.

At the Palma Superyacht Cup, Meteor was able to show her performance potential, her elegant flag-blue hull and white sail-plan creating a striking image as she turned the heads of an international community of respected yachtsmen as she sailed, close hauled, at an easy 15 knots. Whilst those on deck enjoy the power and exuberance of Meteor’s sailing capability, those below are able to savour the gracious ambience and comfort of an interior created by styling architect John Munford. ‘Swetania’ mahogany throughout the owners’ and guests’ accommodation provides a warm, nostalgic glow, complemented by elegant soft furnishings and a collection of artwork reflecting the owners’ passion for the sea and all things of beauty. In the main salon, a beautifully crafted wood-fired fireplace is the centrepiece of the library area. A centreline bevelled glass skylight of cathedral-like proportion provides an abundance of natural light and air as needed. Forward of this area through the Gallery is the full-width, master cabin. An elegantly appointed Bathroom with Dual Sinks, a Shower and a Tub is attached to the  Master Cabin. Also in fine finished mahogany, is a generous and well appointed crew cabin, for the mate and engineer aft towards the engine room. The traditional styling continues on deck with two beautifully-varnished deck houses finished in teak and connected by a large, twin-tabled cockpit, at the aft of which the helmsman steers a wood-spoke wheel from behind a glass-faceted binnacle.

The main deckhouse provides a comfortable refuge from the deck with leather upholstered furniture arranged around a substantial table. The smaller pilot house, aft, provides access to the engineer’s and mate’s cabin as well as accommodating the navigation/communication station with adjacent pilot berth / settee. Flat screen chart plotter / radar and satellite communications stations are provided with forward access from the pilot house to ensure excellent interaction with the helm. Unlike the main living areas finished in mahogany both deck houses transition between deck and interior, using teak for furnishings, floors and walls.

Elsewhere on deck, numerous references to the classical styling of the original era can be found including unusually wide centre teak deck planks, harmoniously-designed deck hardware and winches; even the gaff rigged carbon masts and booms have been finished to support the aesthetic integrity of the project, thanks to the expertise and ingenuity of sister company Rondal.

It is our hope that you will enjoy owning The Schooner Meteor as much as it was our pleasure to create it.

You must be seated in the captain seat before you can operate the boat.  Right-click on any part of the Main Mast or the Boom  or steering wheel and choose "Sit". If you unsit at any time, the boat will reset and become non-physical until you start it again.  When you are ready to begin sailing, type "raise" into the local chat to raise the mainsail or Press the Left most button on the ReneMarineHUD.

* To raise the Gennaker and increase your speed or power press the Second button.
* To lower the sails and coast type command "lower"
* To engage the AutoTrim press the third button (type command "autotrim")
* To engage the engine press the fourth button and use the up/down arrows as the throttle (type command "motor").
(If you engage the engine, You must press the fifth button to MOOR the boat before you can raise the sails again or type command "moor")

The Schooner Meteor HUD

Sailing the Schooner Meteor

------- COMMANDS
The commands can be entered into Local Chat.
* Raise - Raise the sails
* Lower - Lowers the sails
* Moor - Lowers the sails and park the boat
* Autotrim - Toggles Automatic Sail Adjustment
* Motor - Diesel Motor Power
* c - Sets Camera Angle
* notecard - sends user this notecard
* hud - sends user the sailing HUD
* Up/Down arrows when motoring increase/decrease the throttle.
   When sailing it increase/decrease the sheet angle.

------- HUD
The HUD Needle is an indicator of the apparent wind direction where the needle points to the direction that the wind is blowing to. You want to keep the wind into your sails. The Autotrim helps with this. But generally the boat will not sail if the wind is inside of 10 Degrees of the bow or the stern.

The HUD features Digital Wind Speed indicator that is displayed just below the Apparent Wind direction needle. To the upper right is the Digital Boat Speed in meters per sec. And to the lower right is the boat compass Heading. The buttons from the left to the right are as follows:

* Hide Hud - The Little Red button hides the HUD display completely.
   - The little red button remains there.
   - Push it again and the HUD reappears.
* Raise
   - This button Raises the Sails
* Genaker
   - This button Raises and Lowers the Genaker
* AutoTrim
   - This button toggles on/off the AutoTrim function that automatically adjusts the sail angle.
* Motor
   - This button toggles on/off the Diesel Motor.
* If you power up the motor, you have to Moor the boat before you can raise the sails.
* Moor - This button Lowers the sails turns off the motor and parks the boat in place.

A note about SIM Borders. Most Sailing simulator regions cover multiple SIMs. The SIM crossings are difficult at best and occasionally disasterous. This boat is under 32 Prims so the boat handoff is typically fairly smooth when the border is smoothly crossed. SIM Crossings can be more difficult the more prims and scripts you're pushing to the new area. When crossing any sim border the results are typically unpredictable. That being said, it is best to make use of your MiniMap to identify the upcoming SIM crossings. If you're going to cross a SIM border it's best to hit that border head on perpendicular and not at an angle. That way you dont confuse the next sim during the handoff. It's best not to be turning while crossing a sim border because the handoff will send you spinning. Other things to account for are attachments that are heavily scripted. Collars especially are troublesome. It is helpful to remove your scripted attachments when running your boat across the sim borders. All these are helpful suggestions, but sometimes the handoffs will still be difficult.
The Schooner Meteor Seating

Everyone has their preference for camera angles. This boat features the ability to change that camera angle. The default camera position is above and behind the boat, and may be the easiest point-of-view for beginners.  Once seated, you may need to hit "Esc" to go the default view. To change the default camera position in your boat you first must be parked in a Build area where your boat will not be returned to your inventory. Then you must perform the following steps:
a) Be seated From the seated position at the captains chair as instructed.
b) Set your desired camera angle.
c) type the letter 'c' into the Local Chat and press enter.
    The boat will respond as follows:
    [15:34]  : camera Set
    [15:34]  : Ready.
d) Stand up by pressing the Stand Up button.
e) Sit back down and press escape to see your new camera angle.

This boat features a couples cuddle pose engine with some casual poses. Just click on the table top of the Owners Cockpit to activate the cuddle menu. The Cuddle Pose engine might function while the boat is moving. But the SIM Borders will cause unpredicability of the pose positioning, so it's not recommended.

------- SAILING
There are many sailing sims and instructions for Sailing in the SL universe. It is encouraged that you take advantage of the many resources available to help you. In the mean time it doesnt hurt to go exploring around with the motor running.

Wind Setters are recognized and displayed. So if there are race winds available in your SIM your boat will take advantage of them. For more realistic wind responses, the speed has been adjusted so that if the wind is coming from behind you the boat will move faster than if you are sailing into the wind.

------- Copy/Mod 
The Schooner Meteor by ReneMarine comes to you with Copy/Mod permissions. But No Transfer. That means you can make many copies of the boat for yourself and you can modify the boat. But you cannot transfer the boat between avatars. So the very first thing you need to do is make a backup copy of your boat. That way you can always revert back to the original if something doesnt work.

The Schooner Meteor vehicle is configured and should not be modified except for basic texturing. Do not add or delete any prims from the vehicle portion of your boat.

You can modify the attachments though. There are two attachments the Meteor Attachment and the Aft Attachment. The aft attachment (aft-attachment 0.00 (current version) right hip) is worn on the right hip and consists of the Flag and the Aft Deck Cover and the long aft stay line. So if you add a flag you can update the boat so that it always reflects your changes. Just Take a Copy of your modified attachment and drop it into the Root prim of the boat and delete the old attachment. Remember to do this on a Backup COPY of your boat.

You can do the same thing with the Meteor Attachment ( Meteor 0.00 (current version) stomach ) you can add a Pose engine to the bedroom or to the tub. You can add or delete furniture. You can delete poses or add poses to the furniture. You can put your own pictures and paintings up to suit your taste. You can retexture and reposition as you please. Just be careful and always work on a backup copy. It's really easy to Unlink the whole boat or change it to phantom. If that happens then you will lose your changes and you have to revert to your backup.

Just Take a Copy of your modified attachment and drop it into the Root prim of the boat and delete the old attachment. Remember to do this on a Backup COPY of your boat.